‘Trans Pennine’ is a funny, fast-paced, and emotional play about family disagreements, gender-identity, and caravan holidays.

Following her death, the family begrudgingly go to scatter Mum’s ashes in the Yorkshire Dales - a commemoration of a wife and mother none of them liked.  Their bitter and fateful journey takes them to the caravan site of past family holidays, where secrets are revealed, truths are unearthed, and their relationships, identities, and prejudices are tested to the full. 

Dad is angry, Ben is Amy, and Mum is in the margarine tub. 

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Ian Tucker-Bell is a playwright, composer and actor based in North-West Kent, UK.

His last play, "From Today, Everything Changes" was performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2017, to excellent response, earning  a 4/5 review from the 730Review, who called it "believable and moving, supported by naturalistic dialogue. It tells a truly heartfelt, touching tale with delicacy and nuance, drawing you in and breaking your heart."

Although his plays are works of fiction, Ian draws his inspiration and characters from real life.  These real stories are woven into a new fictional landscape, populated with humour and heart.


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Philip Holden has been involved in the theatre ever since he was born. His grandmother and both of his parents were involved in amateur theatre for much of their lives.

He has written and directed plays and performed in operetta, community opera, stage plays, in the open air and on TV. He writes and voices corporate films and is a published author. Most recently he stopped buying books and bought a bookshop instead.

He has been with the Oast Theatre for eight years most recently directing Daniel O'Brien's adaptation of ‘Three Men in a Boat’.  Last year he made his directoral debut at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, directing "From Today, Everything Changes".

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Where are we on?

The first chance to hear some of Trans Pennine will be on Sunday April 15th.  We are participating in "Local Voices" - an event celebrating local authors.  Four novelists will share extracts from their work, and our cast will have a very first public reading of the opening section of Trans Pennine.  The event is taking place at The Old Fire Station, Tonbridge, and full details can be found here:

Preview performance dates will be available once confirmed. Keep checking back, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to make sure you get the information as soon as it is released.

We will be in Edinburgh from August 13th to the 26th.  Based at The Space on North Bridge (The Argylll Theatre), we will be performing at 6:15 each day - alternating between "Trans Pennine" and "From Today, Everything Changes" over the two week period.  Full details will be in the Fringe Brochure which is published in June.

Beyond that... we're open to invitations to festivals, theatres, and performance spaces that would like to host us!

Booking opens soon!

Once booking is open at the Fringe we will have a link here.  Click to book!